01 Jul 2014

Rails Open Space Madrid 2014

Last Friday, Rafa (@leptom) and I went to Madrid to attend the Open Space organized by ASPgems about Ruby on Rails. It’s been some time since I’ve visited Madrid, and I was looking forward to do it, specially because there is lot of people there that I care about and I don’t get to see enough. That’s why the first thing we did there was meeting Alberto (@molpe), Yeray (@ydarias), Yurena (@yurenaghm), Jero (@jerolba). We had great talks about our projects and our future. After dinner Rafa (@rrasmo) joined us for a beer, lots of fun there two. Thankfully our incredible friend Nando (@Mr_Solo) was kind enough to give us the keys to his home while he was out. And when we got home later we found the most awesome welcome note you’ll ever see:

Nando's welcome note

Saturday started too soon, but we managed to get to Aravaca and eventually to ASPgems headquarters to listen to Xavier Noria’s keynote “Cómo ser un buen programador”, always a pleasure! And after that, the Open Space started. I’m not going to make yet another summary of it, you can read it on ASPgem’s blog. I only want to thank all of the attendees and organisers, it was a pleasure to share the day with all of them.